The Struggle for Democracy Continues

This year may well the decide whether our Constitutional Democracy shall long endure. It is now conventional wisdom among professional historians that these United States has not been so seriously divided since 1860, on the eve of the Civil War, the bloodest and most destructive war in world history at that time.
Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, whose election sparked the southern scession and the creation of the Confederacy, was tasked with holding the Federal Union together by whatever means necissary! What President Lincoln said then is equally true now: “A House Divided against itself cannot stand!”
It has also become conventional wisdom among a wide rage of political scientists, philosophers, sociologists and pundits that Donald Trump is a “Fascist” who hates the constitutional checks on executive power. And there are millions of Americans who now pledge their allegience to Dirty Don tha Con rather than the Constitution. There is NO greater challenge facing us as citizens than to stop the attempts by Republicans, who are no longer committed to our Constitutional Democracy, from implementing their anti-democratic laws which will enable them to LEGALLY STEAL the next elections!
We must NOT allow that to happen! This means that WHATEVER grievence you may have about President Biden and the Democrats not making all your dreams come true in a year, forget about it, put on yo grown folks drawyers, act like adults who understand that the choice before us is whether we want the Democrats or Republicans to govern this country! And ACT ACCORDINGLY!!!
At he founding of this constitutional Republic – racist genocidal slave nation that it was – several of the founders issued dire warnings that still ring true. Thomas Jefferson, the brightest star of the American Enlightenment warned: “A democracy cannot work with an ignorant electorate.” James Madison, often called “The Father of the Constitution,” observed that despite all of the checks and balances built into the structure of the constitution designed to prevent the rise of a tyrant: “Without virtue in our leaders no system” can save us from tyranny.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the brighest of the lot, said to the drafters of the constitution in his home town of Philadelphia, after they had completed their work during the sweltering dog days of August in 1787: “Well gentlemen, you have got yourself a Republic…if you can keep it.”
This scepticism was echoed in the farewell address of George Washington – popularly considered “The Father of the Nation” – before he departed office as the first President of the newly formed United States of America. President Washington warned the nation against “excessive factionalism,” because he belived in could lead to a paralyzed government…and even treason if one faction decided to seek the aid of a foreign power to gain or maintain power.
Alas, we have witnessed all of these contradictions made manifest during the four years of Dirty Donald’s presidency…and the spectre of tyranny continues to haunt our Constitutional Republic; which despite its many failings remains worth saving against the ravages of the untutored mob of Trumpanzees that have become the base of the Republican Party. A tragic and dangerous development that has converted the Grald Old Party, GOP, into the Grand Obstructionist Party!
Hence, all who oppose Fascism, anti-fascist, must work to expand the democratic base by ELECTING MORE DEMOCRATS ON EVERY LEVEL!!!! One need not be a mental giant oin order to recognize the unimpeachable wisdom of supporting the democrats!!!
Wishing All a Happy and Prosperous New Year….
The Village of Harlem
New Year’s Day 2022
PS: My New Years resolution, aside from opposing the Trumpanzees by writing euridite uncompromising commentaries that supply direction and intellectual armaments for the young comrades in the field, I shall finally produce a MEMOIR on my life – as I have been badgered to do by friends and historians – a written and audio book. And I am setting the deadline by my 80th birthday: May 25!