An Insurrectionist Trumpist Mob Attacks the US Capitol 


The video below of a discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” supplies further evidence that the Republican Party has devolved into a LAWLESS TRUMPIST CULT! It is the measure of the extent to which our Constitutional Democracy is falling apart.  Those who are witnessing the course of political events in our nation yet refuse to believe that widespread internecine violence – a form of “civil war” similar to the protracted violence between Catholics and Protestants that occurred during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, – is possible in the US are deluding themselves.

As this analysis makes plain, we are rapidly approaching a point where honest bipartisan discourse leading to the pursuit of justice based on the time-honored principle that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, is becoming impossible. Especially since millions of Americans are getting their “news” from different sources that are giving them radically different perspectives on events. Professional historians agree that the last time our two major political parties were so divided was 1860, when the United States broke apart in Civil War!

Back then it was a war between the states, but the present conflict is based purely on ideology, divergent views of what this nation should be. However, when coupled with the regional economic interests of the South in maintaining slavery, one could also argue that the war between the states was also driven by ideology. These irreconcilable visions of society have been the traditional cause of civil strife in nations around the world.  There is abundant evidence that the fanaticism of the Trumpist cult is tearing families apart; alienation from the family is a fundamental characteristic of cultist behavior.  A poignant case in point is the sad experience of  Alyssa Farah, a former Director of White House Communications, who says her father and stepmother boycotted her wedding because she denounced Trump’s role in inciting the Jan 6, assault on the US Capitol!  These kinds of incidents, which is evidence of serious political conflict in the primary family unit, is a class of phenomenon that presages the onset of civil war throughout history.

Yet because the present evolving conflict will NOT be a war between the states like the 19th Century conflagration, many smart politically astute Americans do not recognize the protracted conflict that we are experiencing as a LOW INTENSITY civil war. But people who study this phenomenon for a living SAY IT IS!!! In fact, there are two recently published books on this subject: “The Coming Civil War” and “How Civil Wars Start and How to Stop Them.”

We would be wise to carefully study the arguments put forth in these informative – and I believe prescient – texts. For if the US continues down the path we are heading unabated, conventional wisdom suggest the intensity of our ideological conflict will become increasingly violent. In a nation where armed right-wing extremist and ad hoc white supremacist militiamen routinely show up at peaceful demonstrations, and government buildings where policies they disagree with are being implemented, dressed in combat fatigues brandishing military weapons, armed conflict armed conflict on a widening scale is destined to occur: It’s just a matter of time!

Unless we can find a way to change the course on which we are headed at accelerating speed, alas this portends our future. Kyle Rittenhouse, an enraged confused white boy who armed himself with a military assault rifle, travelled across state lines, and murdered peaceful demonstrators…and was later acquitted by an all-white jury presided over by a blatantly biased Judge, and was offered Internships by Republican Congressmen who are openly hostile to the Black Lives Matter protests against police murders of unarmed black folks, is a preview of what our future could look like.

The Video posted here dramatically exposes the depth of the chasm between the right-wing Trumpist faction of the Republican Party – which is reconstructing the Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln and Jacob Javitz into the neo-Fascist Grand Obstructionist Party of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – and the rest of us.  Including a good slice of the Republican intelligentsia -like producers of the “Lincoln Project” and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele – who still believe in, and want to preserve, Constitutional Democracy in America. And the first step to defeating the trend toward fascism is to DEFEAT the Republicans at the polls in the COMING ELECTIONS!!!!!



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Congressman Jim Jordon R-Ohio

Republican Hyproctites Insults Voter’s Intelligence!

It would be hard to find a more despicable group of shameless lying hypocrites than the members of the House Republican Caucus, who recently took to the floor to denounce so-called “Cancel Culture.”  In a brazen display of double-talk that would astonish George Orwell, the Republicans passionately denounced activities that they are feverishly engaged in for all the world to see.  There is absolutely no shame in these joker’s game.

These impudent charlatans had the unmitigated gall to denounce “Cancel Culture,” even as they removed long time conservative congresswoman Liz Cheyney from her post as the third most powerful member of the Republican caucus, and kicked her crusty cakes to the curb, and these scurrilous scoundrels are passing voter suppression laws all over the country in states controlled by Republican legislatures.  The purpose of these new laws is clear, to stop democratic constituencies from voting!  Black and brown folks, poor people, students, young people in general, et al.

It is the most blatant attack on the voting rights of Afro-Americans since the collapse of Radical Reconstruction in 1877.  Laws such as those making it a crime to give water to people waiting for hours to vote in the scorching southern sun, after they have made it nearly impossible to vote by mail and reduced the number of ballot drop boxes, resemble the “literacy test” widely employed in the south after the ratification of the 15th Amendment to prevent Afro-Americans from voting.  This test, given only to Afro-Americans, contained questions such as “Quote Article 4, Section 2 of the Constitution and interpret it’s meaning?”  Or “How many bubbles are there in a bar of soap?”

The effort to prevent people from voting is the ultimate expression of “Cancel Culture.” And the shameful attempt to eradicate the deadly assault on the US capitol by a murderous mob intent on arresting the orderly transfer of power based on the expressed will of the American people at the ballot box, is yet another case in point.  And the attempt to cancel the Justice Department’s investigation and prosecution of those who incited and participated in the insurrection – a treasonous act of war against the US government – is yet another graphic example.

As I witness these actions by the Republicans, it is abundantly clear that this nation is in the deepest trouble that I have seen in my lifetime, which spans more than three quarters of a century, and I have seen plenty.  In the words of the venerable Afro-American spiritual, composed by “Those Black and Unknown Bards” – as the Afro-American poet/polymath/ activist, James Weldon Johnson, called our anonymous enslaved ancestors who wrote these beautiful soul searing songs: ”Nobody Knows the Troubles I’ve Seen.”

Alas, I grew up in the American south, the former Confederacy that fought the bloodiest war in history at the time to keep Afro-Americans in chattel slavery, which had been going on for 250 years!   And the white majority who ruled those states employed the full powers of law and custom to keep Afro-Americans from exercising the citizenship rights guaranteed them under the “Equal Protection Clause” of the 14th Amendment.  And the most effective way to accomplish this nefarious policy was the keep black Americans from voting!  And they accomplished this by finding ways to nullify the 15th Amendment, which empowered Afro-Americans to vote.

This critical part of  American history can shed great light on what is happening just now.  Yet as I write,  the Republicans are frantically trying to cancel any discussion of this shameful history, some Republican controlled states have already begun passing laws against teaching the real history of race relations in America, complaining that it “traumatizes” white children to learn the truth about their ancestor’s deeds. This allows them to use the power of the state over education policy to continue lying about a history they passionately claim to be proud of.

Indeed, by cancelling the teaching of our real history, as has been carefully researched and written down in the texts of our great scholars, the duplicitous Republican sophists can lay claim to the good works of others.  For instance, it has become standard fare for todays Trumpist reactionary Republicans to lay claim to the legacy of the progressive revolutionary “Republicans” who were the architects of the “Radical Reconstruction” program following the Civil War that passed the 13, 14, and 15, Amendments to the constitution.

These Amendments transformed Afro-Americans from the status of chattel slaves with no rights under the US Constitution to fully empowered American Citizens, who elected black officials across the board from State legislatures to the Senate.  Today’s Republicans rightly point out that the Democrats were the Pro-Slavery party who also enacted the Apartheid “Jim Crow” Laws after the Civil War.

However, after a Democrat controlled Congress – House and Senate –  passed the 1964 Omnibus Civil Rights Bill, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Economic Opportunity Act that same year, and was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, also a Democrat, which amounted to a second radical Reconstruction in its empowerment of Afro-Americans, THE RACIST SOUTHERN DIXIECRATS WHO FOUGHT AGAINST ALL THESE LAWS FLED FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND SOUGHT REFUGE IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

These unapologetic southern racist would transform the Republican Party from the Grand Old Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower, to the “GRAND OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY of Ronald Reagan and Dirty Don tha Con!  And, try as they might, the “Never Trumpers” who are embarrassed and appalled by Trump, as is his present antagonist Liz Cheney, cannot obscure the fact that there is A STRAIGHT LINE FROM REAGAN TO TRUMP!   You can follow this transformation in great detail in the excellent seminal study of this question, “The Politics of Rage,” written by the Bancroft Prize winning southern historian Dr. Dan T. Carter.

Hence by CANCELLING the teaching of real American history, and substituting racist myths for objective history, chauvinistic white nationalists like the Trumpanzees, the devotees who genuflect before Dirty Don tha Con in a permanent-lips to posterior posture, adopting his tactic of promoting “THE BIG LIE,” can continuously preach the bogus doctrine of “American Exceptionalism” to the world.  This is the ULTIMATE CANCEL CULTURE!

NOTE: Bear these facts in mind as you listen to these lying clueless clowns rant and rave against “Cancel Culture.”  These Republican follies would be hilarious if the results were not so tragic for our country.

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Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York